The REDU^internship

Exponentially and excellently equipping leaders to reach the universities of LAC.

The REDU^internship is a 2-year program targeted at individuals with a passion for the university students of Latin America Caribbean (LAC). Interns leave the program fully equipped to pioneer campus ministry across LAC. Contact us for more information!

REDU Internship Logo

The program consists of 2 trimesters of language school followed by 14 months at an internship center in a hands-on, training environment. Interns are actively involved in the students’ lives by leading lifegroups, meeting with leaders 1-on-1, doing leadership development, coordinating weekly outreaches on campus, and helping with trainings around the country, ministry retreats, and conferences. There is also a classroom element to the program that includes themes such as university missionary qualities, personal competencies, ministry skill competencies, intellectual and educational competencies, relation to the national church, cultural observances, and more. Also, an intern can choose to receive their ministerial credentials and a second B.A. in Biblical Theology, if they desire.

Weekly Happenings in the Life of an Intern

  • Connect with students on campus

  • Meet 1on1 with student leaders

  • Team prayer

  • Meet with your ministry team

  • Assigned relevant readings

  • Lead a Lifegroup

  • On campus outreach and promo

  • Meet 1on1 with your host missionary

  • 2-3 hours of classroom learning

  • And much more!